Candy Drawer On A Budget

I keep seeing the videos on TikTok of the beautiful, aesthetically pleasing candy drawers. As a candy lover, I knew I needed to try it. When I looked up the containers they had recommended though, it wasn’t quite in my budget. At $13.99/piece, it would cost $83.94 (+ tax) to just have 6, plus the cost of the candy.

I found this when I was looking for a cheaper option at Walmart.

Not only are they less than half the price per container, they are perfect for the drawer in my kitchen I had in mind. I’m pretty sure they are the same container from The Container Store, but I’ve not compared them closely. Both are from The Home Edit.

Find the containers here – they can be shipped if your local store is out of stock. Mine had plenty.

Here is my finished candy drawer:

I picked a few family favorites but I’m sure we will swap them out often and maybe even start a healthy snack fridge option later too.

Happy snacking!

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