DIY Spooky Sensory Bin for Less Than $7

We are having all the Fall feels over here lately with cooler weather. I took a quick trip to my local dollar store to see what I could come up with for a Halloween themed bin on a budget.

I want to start though with a quick, easy way to dye light colored beans. This would easily work for rice or pasta too. Dump your beans in a ziploc, squirt in some paint and hand sanitizer and shake! I did a good amount of paint to coat everything and 4 squirts of sanitizer.

Line a dish or pan with paper towels and dump them out to dry. So easy. We did purple and orange to mix in with our black beans. 1 bag of beans per color for 2 bins or split them up and make all kinds of colors. So many fun options!

For our bin, I grabbed some plastic rings, eyeballs, trick or treat cups, monster finger puppets, a 2 pack of skeleton hands and 2 plastic 25 gallon bins (by the Tupperware). Since the bins are on the smaller side I decided to make 2 to split up the items. We had more than enough little toys for 2 bins. I bought 2 bags of black beans and 1 bag of pinto beans for each bin, which is the perfect amount.

Once our painted pinto beans dried I sprinkled just a few handfuls in each bin. Here’s the final bin:

Some of our favorite ways to play with this bin:

  • count how many eyeballs you can balance with the skeleton hand
  • sort the rings by color on each skeleton finger
  • scoop the beans with the cups
  • sort the colored beans
  • scoop with the hand into the cups
  • practicing our colors and numbers (counting)

Let me know if you make one! I would love to see your version!

Making it up as we go,

Monica & Family ❤

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