Sparkly Name Art DIY Instructions

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Way back when my oldest kiddo was a baby, I had an Etsy shop. I used to create the sweetest little letters for nurseries and kids rooms. It made my heart so happy! I am more than happy to create things for you if this is above your DIY capabilities but I wanted to share how I made my latest kids’ room creations! I think you could totally make something wonderful.

My Etsy store sold individual 8 x 10 canvases wrapped in fabric with 1 letter on each. My favorite was to use different complimentary fabrics on each canvas. This project I wanted less work, haha! Hanging individual letters on a wall is tricky.

The materials I used:

  • 12 in x 24 in canvas – I found a 2 pack at Michael’s for the best price
  • 5 in x 7 in flat canvas panels
  • Wooden letters – Michael’s and Hobby Lobby have great options
  • Fabric – Hobby Lobby has very cute options but JoAnn Fabric is a tad less expensive
  • Glitter – I used Martha Stewart brand at Michael’s but any works

I could have just used the larger canvas, fabric and letters. That is a good option if you want something simple! I wanted more dimension and glitter (I’m a little extra lol) so I went with a tad more elaborate.

I started the project by painting the flat canvas panels and covering them in glitter. You can just modge podge glitter on without painting them. Up to you! I did a hefty coat of glitter on each one. Since I used a glitter that had larger pieces mixed with smaller pieces, I sealed it in with some modge podge on top. I didn’t want glitter for years all over my daughter’s room. I did find I had to add more glitter after it dried because there were some places it was sparse.

Next, I wrapped the large canvas in fabric. I ordered 1/2 a yard of fabric and it was the perfect amount for the canvas I picked. You want to iron or steam your fabric first if it has any creases or wrinkles. Pull it tight on opposite sides and staple gun or hot glue it to the canvas. At the corners, tuck like you’re folding a present and staple gun or glue to secure it tightly.

I bought letters with color already for my daughter’s name. For my son’s, he picked out some that needed to be painted. Pick any letters you want! My next step was to glue the flat panels to the fabric wrapped canvas. Once those were secure, I glued the letters on top how I wanted them. I really like wood glue for these because it stays really well but you can use any glue you want.

Here is Joseph’s in progress:

There are so many different, fun ways to customize these. I would love to see yours if you make this!

Making it up as I go,

Monica ❤

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