DIY Construction Sensory Bin

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I have been trying to think of ideas to occupy my 2 year old during virtual 1st grade this fall. Sensory bins really hold her attention, which is a hard task lately. I wanted to share some fun things I found for this one. I think next time I would use a flatter bin to have more surface area but my store was pretty limited.

You can definitely customize this in so many more ways than I did. I made 2 to gift one to my nieces. It probably made this less expensive because I split some materials between both bins. I chose to use these materials:

Other items you might consider could be: pasta dyed black, a shovel, popcorn kernels, bird seed, lincoln logs, really anything! Get creative with things you might already have.

I spent around $39 for 2 bins with items leftover, so less than $20 each. I had considered purchasing something similar online but it was $48 with shipping. I do consider these DIY bins a little on the higher budget side, BUT much less expensive than buying from the pros. The pros are pretty awesome though so if your budget allows – definitely go that route! There are some amazing mamas out there making and selling sensory bins online.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to play with this bin:

  • Stack the blocks and see how many you can stack before it tumbles.
  • Carry a block or rock with the truck across the bin. My kiddo and I like to race.
  • Scoop sand piles with the trucks, building ramps or scenes with the rocks.
  • Count using the larger rocks. Lay them out and work on numbers.
  • Build a house out of blocks. Demolish it with one of the trucks after.

Happy playing! I would love to hear your favorite things to put in your bin or play with it!

Making it up as I go,

Monica ❤

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