Paint Pour Coasters!

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Awhile back, when school first closed in March, we stocked up on some new crafting supplies. I came across this easy to use pouring paint at Michael’s. Amazon has something similar that is actually cheaper than I paid, here.

We made a few canvases back in March and had a lot of messy fun! We are starting some DIY Christmas gifts right now. I found some super inexpensive glossy tiles at my local hardware store. You can find them here too. We thought they would be perfect for our leftover pouring paint. They were!

Joseph poured a little of each color on each tile and then let the paint evenly coat the whole thing. We made sets of 4 in matching colors and glued felt squares to the back of each tile. You can use self adhesive 4 x 4 cork sheets too. They are super easy and look awesome on the back of these. We sealed each with spray polyurethane. An easy and really nice homemade gift! You can modge podge photos on these tiles too.

Here are a few of our finished coasters:

Making it up as we go,

Monica ❤

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