How to “Flip” a Play House

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We really like breathing new life into things that are older but have life left still. We had been keeping an eye out for a used play house for awhile. When one popped up for sale, we were so excited! The seller offered to clean it up first, but we are a little crazy over here and LOVE power washing things so we said we would do it.

Here it is before a good bath:

Here is the play house taken apart in process of washing. Can you tell that Joseph helped?

Does anyone else love how satisfying this is?

We are still being cautious with our exposure to places so we took advantage of Michael’s curbside pickup. They had the outdoor spray paint we needed for our project. Make sure you use a paint that is outdoor friendly, especially if you live somewhere it snows like we do. Amazon has the same paint we used at a much better price. Click here to see it! We wanted to finish our project quickly so we opted for curbside and paid a little more.

It took us 2 cans of white spray paint for all of the sides, 2 of blue for the windows and door, and 1 black for the roof. We spray painted right after it dried off from washing. No prepping needed other than a clean surface. Once the paint completely dried we put everything back together.

Here is our final play house! It looks brand new!

Have you made anything “new” again recently? Would love to hear about it!

Making it up as we go,


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