Easy Name Art

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I have very fond memories of fun art projects we made in elementary school. Art has always been one of my favorites and I try to carry on the love for it with my own kiddos.

This project reminded me of 3D name art we made in school, but a little more simple for my 6 year old. I started the project out with a 16″ x 20″ canvas (you can use any size or paper) and traced my son’s name with pencil. I went over that and framed it in with black acrylic paint using a sponge brush. Everything we used was super inexpensive so the total of this project was less than $5.

Here is the project before Joseph painted it:

I set him up with his favorite scented paint and told him to pick a color for each section. I told him to stay in the lines the best that he could but reminded him that any mistakes could be easily fixed. I touched up the black lines once his paint dried.

It looks like stained glass when you are done. He was really proud of this project! Here is his:

Share a picture if you make this! I would love to see yours!

Making it up as we go,


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